• portfolio image of a stone siding home entry and exterior picnic bench
portfolio image of a stone siding home entry and exterior picnic bench

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Project Type: Renovation

Service: Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design, FF&E

Design Statement:

The highlight of this project was the great room, it was grand in scale but lacking grandness of design.  It was a space the homeowner didn't know how to arrange furniture in, let alone relax in.  The room boasts 20'ceilings, one of the largest design challenges the space presented.  Creating an intimate yet dramatic feel was the main objective of this remodel and the spotlighting feature was the ceiling design.  The intersecting circular design of the dropped soffits added a level of complexity to the symmetry of the layout while allowing for flexibility of the furniture arrangement. Two tones of a metallic Venetian plaster; a deep bronze with a hint of silver metallic and a contrasting bright copper with an applied antique finish were specified to create depth and warm contrast to the space.

The lighting design was carefully selected and implemented for the specific needs of the space.  Halogen lamping was selected for its purity and great color rending values in regards to the home owner's extensive colored glass collection.  Recessed down lighting illuminates the entertaining area below, while the ten degree side emitting lights recessed into the side of the soffits graze the ceiling's metallic finish and intersect with the down lights to create a more even lighting scene. Two hand blown glass chandeliers, inspired by Dale Chihuly's "End of the Day Tower" , were added not only for personal reference for the home owner's love of hand blown glass, but to add another weight line to the vertical height of the expansive room. The result was unbelievable and tied the very large space to its roots. It is unrecognizable from which it came and brought the home owner's love for art to the edge.  

  • Low voltage LED lighting to avoid "heat sync"
  • 3cm exotic stone countertop on island
  • Lighting design for clients glass art collection
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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