• portfolio image of a large contemporary home with two car garage
portfolio image of a large contemporary home with two car garage

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Project Type: New Construction

Service: Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E

Design Statement:

In interior design, as in a marriage and business, a good partnership is essential for success. This home was the perfect venue to embody both the elements of traditional yet modern – timeless and easy to live in, but filled with detail - a collaboration of design and professional expertise in its execution. Drawing elements from different influences, this house is a captivating blend of Art Deco and European classism. Given a checklist of contradictions, our design team painstakingly addressed each one; create something that was formal for entertaining but laid-back for family gatherings, elegant but not pretentious, dramatic but quiet, lush but understated, and polished but not fussy.

The result, a casual and modern open floor plan featuring detailed ceilings in every room with a view, making each room flow into one another to expand the feeling of spaciousness. Then a play on contrasts was used to "polish" the interior. Deep, dark and rich colors create a powerful mix against the lighter walls. The effect is intentional. The deliberate use of light and dark create drama, an artistic device that dates back to Renaissance Italy, using traditional material and techniques in a modern way.

Quietly lush upholstery was used throughout, off-white and camel, are very reflective. Even on cloudy days, they are warm and inviting. It is very neutral up to a point, but then something jumps out and catches your eye. A great example is the dining room where a chandelier of silk and Austrian crystals casts a cool pattern on the ceiling and a warm glow on the table, drawing attention to its detail and chairs, dressed in shimmering silk. Stylish by today's standard but the bones of the house are neutral. The result is timeless & classic, a "house of style".

  • Ceiling Detail
  • Custom Floors & Tile
  • Lighting Design
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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