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Project Type: Research Kitchen / Workplace

Service: Space Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E

Design Statement:

The secret to any successful company is building in a plan for growth and expansion. For the owners of this convenience foods company founded in 1993, the existing kitchen was no longer conducive to their business model. It was quickly discovered that they required a facility that was both a working kitchen for the purposes of testing and development, but also a stage kitchen they could bring their clients to. Special attention was given to the direct preparation and delivery of food to the client. A 48" lazy susan rests directly below the carefully placed light fixture in the center of the service area. Rollouts and concealed garbage cans placed on the prep side of the island, keep the boxes and packaging out of the sightline of the clients seated on the service side of the island. Configuring the floating countertop was an engineering feat due to the weight and size of the materials used. Executing the infrastructure to support this floating top ended up providing a more flexible seating area and a cleaner design.

The cabinetry was built from vertical grain oak and a silver metallic finish was applied to give it a reflective quality. The room's cap was restricted to eight feet so a special ceiling detail was developed to incorporate the company logo and serve as an anchor for the 8 x 8 center island. Surfaces were carefully selected to make the food the focus and the experience one that allowed the salespeople to show their food products in a contemporary environment. The adjoining training room allows for additional information delivery and continued business growth.

The cooling and storage units were carefully designed to conceal a large number of structural beams and components which resulted in a wall of refrigeration systems. The company's owner requested a space that was relaxing but professional. This was achieved by utilizing a strong color palette and material selections that appealed to the leadership team and salespeople, while still making the kitchen industrial in its function. Using untraditional fixtures and furnishings turned out to be the missing link.

  • Custom Island Design
  • Ceiling Design
  • Workflow Planning
Photos: Todd Buchanan
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